9 Ready-made non-alcoholic cocktails to take to your next party

Whether you’re looking for a weekend without a hangover, need some time to flush out your system, or plan to swear off that giggle juice forever, it’s never been easier to find a delectable collection of ready-made non-alcoholic cocktails (or mocktails).

Cold and quick to crack, the latest ready-made mocktails blur the line between soda and mixer, with unique flavour combinations and elegant packaging that looks, tastes and sashays around the palate just like the real deal.

So if you’re ready to shake - or stir - things up, read on for nine of the finest, ready to drink mocktails that will leave you clear-headed, of good cheer and in fine fettle to pursue whatever tickles your fancy the next day.

Lyre's G&T 

This impossibly crafted, ready-made non-alcoholic cocktail captures a Gin and Tonic’s pleasant essence with distinct and contemporary flavours of juniper, citrus and tonic notes that deliver a refreshingly dry finish.

Enjoy straight from the can, or - if you’re feeling a little fancy - pour into a wine glass, add lots of ice, a slice of ruby grapefruit, and a fragrant sprig of rosemary for the perfect ready to drink G&T mocktail.

Lyre's Amalfi Spritz

This refreshing, slightly citrusy ready-made mocktail tastes like sunshine itself: bright and intense, with a promise of good times ahead. With aromatic notes of rhubarb, orange, and Mediterranean herbs, and rich flavours of peach and melon, the Amalfi Spritz fills the palate to finish dry and deliciously refreshing.

Enjoy from the can, or bask in the sun while you sip it from a tall glass with fresh cubed ice and orange slices. 

Lyre's Classico

This unique, lightly-coloured ready-to-drink mocktail delivers alluring notes of fresh peach, pear, lime and granny smith apple. Appealing floral and musk tones add complexity and invite you to taste for a soft and dry finish.

Enjoy from the can, or serve chilled in a flute or coupette. It’s perfect on its own, so no need to garnish. Libations!

American Malt & Cola

This rather tasty ready-made mocktail is ready to chill, sip and cheers! With an impossibly crafted blend of classic flavours, evoking notes of oak, vanilla, rye and spice, this impeccably paired combination of Lyre’s American Malt & cola is a non-alcoholic homage to the iconic serve.

Enjoy straight from the can, or serve in a classic highball and top with plenty of ice for unrivalled refreshment.

Dark 'N Spicy Ready to Drink

The aromatic & slightly spiced ginger beer combines with lime zest freshness and the richness of Lyre's Dark Cane to deliver a refreshing and full-flavoured Dark ‘N Spicy that's ready to sip, chill and cin-cin! A crafted blend of classic flavours, evoking notes of ginger, lime, toffee and spice. Libations!

Enjoy straight from the can, or serve in a highball glass and top with plenty of ice and a zesty lime wheel for a more decadent drop.

Lyre's mixed assortment 

Can’t decide on one of the above? We don’t blame you; they’re all delicious! Our mixed assortment of ready-made non-alcoholic cocktails gives you the freedom to shuffle and ruffle whenever you feel like it. Twelve cans, three flavours, infinity enjoyment! Enjoy straight from the can, or test out some different glasses and garnishes for some extra pizazz.

The fines almost-ready-to-drink mocktails 

The passionstar martini set

Parties are all about sharing and celebrating beautiful moments together, and this delicious Martini lives up to the occasion. Impossibly crafted to capture the essence of a classic Gin, with flavours as distinct and contemporary as the latest promenade.

To serve, shake - or stir - Dry London Spirit with ice, strain into your favourite glass, then slowly add Lyre’s Classico.

Spritz De Passione Set

Possibly one of the most delicious drinks you’ll ever taste, the Spritz De Passione Set is a wonderful combination of bitter orange, summer fruits, and fresh citrus to create a taste that’s reminiscent of sunshine on a tranquil beach. You. Are. Welcome.

To enjoy this almost ready-made mocktail, shake Italian Spritz with ice, strain into your favourite glass, then slowly add Lyre’s Classico.

Old Cuban Set

Originally name El Cubano, this mojito style non-alcoholic cocktail is another modern classic originating from the Pegu Club NYC. With a wonderfully fresh taste, this is the kind of ready-made mocktail that should be served at every party.

Best enjoyed by shaking Lyre’s White Cane Spirit with ice, pouring into your favourite glass, and slowly adding Lyre’s Classico.






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