How to Entertain with the Best Home Bar

As many of us have repurposed our homes into offices, we are all keen to feather our nest with the perfect accoutrements. In our down time, home bartending has become en vogue as we look to expand our skills.

We’ve designed our own liquid kitchens and the glory of the perfect home bar provides the grandeur of being a generous host. So stock your stash with your favorite spirits, Lyre’s among them, and you’ll be bartending through the bunting.

1) Something for Everyone

When creating your bar at home, you want to be able to provide as comprehensive an experience as possible. Lyre’s are made to drink like any and all classic cocktails. Consider your evening’s sequence; start with a non-alcoholic punch featuring Lyre’s signature Italian Orange. Assuage the teetotalers and delight the drinkers alike. Then move into a signature Amaretti Sour featuring Lyre’s Amaretti. Featuring less sugar and calories than its alcoholic forbear, this is the perfect complement to the cuisine and conversation. Follow that with a bartender’s favorite – the haunting flavors of a classic Negroni featuring Lyre’s Apéritif Rosso, Lyre’s Dry London Spirit and Lyre’s Italian Orange. Finally, once the chorus of the night has settled into its final ebb, end with an Espresso Martini featuring Lyre’s White Cane Spirit and Lyre’s Coffee Originale.

Photo courtesy of @eloisejaksic

2) Remember the Fundamentals

There is a concept in cooking known as mise-en-place, roughly translated to everything in its place. This also applies to bartending, and your home bar is no exception. You don’t need a barback and a marble countertop. You will need to the following items to take your liquid playspace to the next level. Mind your jigger, your recipes and your technique. Consider that Lyre’s recipes are the same as those of their alcoholic counterparts – so watch those heavy pours! The best drinks are made with care. A detailed list of items you’ll need are listed in one of our previous journal entries, found here: How to Make Non-Alcoholic Cocktails at Home.

3) Know your Clientele

Guess who’s coming to dinner! You know that your Uncle Scott loves his Old-Fashioned’s while Aunt Mary is liable to sneak a cheeky Martini. Preparation is key! The Lyre’s range opens you to the whole world of cocktails, so you can prepare accordingly. Forget not the lemon garnish, the muddled mint, your blue-cheese infused olives. The readiness is all, and your guests will thank you for it!





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