So you think you know an Italian Spritz?

By Lyre's Spirit Co

26th Mar 2020

So you think you know an Italian Spritz?

Spritz cocktails and the aperitif occasion have become a global sensation in recent years.

While they originated in North East Italy, the word ‘spritz’is actually derived from the German ‘spritzen’, meaning‘splash’ or ‘spray’.

The story goes that Austrians who visited the region in the 1800s would often ask the locals to dilute their wines with a spritz of water.

Later versions replaced still water with soda water, and introduced bitterwine- or spirit-basedaperitifs in place of the wine.

The modern day Italian Spritz is a mix of prosecco, bitter Italian liqueur and soda.

Served over ice a wine glass and garnished with an orange slice, it's a refreshing and eye-catching drink.

And now, thanks to Lyre's, you can enjoy it completely alcohol-free! To make our Amalfi Spritz, simply substitute Lyre's Italian Spritz and Premium Alcohol-Free Prosecco for the boozy ingredients.

Lyre's Flavour Architect David Murphy says that in addition to being zero alcohol, our version is much lower in sugar than the original.

"Those Italian liqueurs sit at around 18 per cent alcohol, and they use a good whack of sugar to cover that alcohol character," he says.

"Because we don't have the alcohol, we don't have to add as much sugar and we can still create the same weight and texture.

"We're using sugar as a component of part of the flavour, rather than hiding something else, therefore it keeps the palate of the spritz a bit cleaner and the bitterness of the herbs and spices comes through a bit easier."

He's normally a humble fellow, but it's clear David is especially proud of the Lyre's Amalfi Spritz.

"We've done blind tastings and people have thought ours was the alcoholic version," he says.

"I think we've nailed it, to be honest!"





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