The Best Non-Alcoholic Christmas Cocktails

By Lyre's Spirit Co

12th Nov 2020

The Best Non-Alcoholic Christmas Cocktails

The holidays are upon us – and who doesn’t love a good tipple to toast to another year well-served. This year’s merriment needn’t sidetrack your mindful consumption. Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits has the perfect selection of easy Christmas cocktails to observe the yuletide in style.

This year, trim the tree while Lyre's Christmas cocktails deck the halls. These delicious booze-free recipes with fewer calories and no hangover will have you caroling all season long. 

 1. Lyre's Maple Coffee Cocktail

The savory seduction of maple, coffee and Lyre’s American Malt is a delight for the senses. The comforting hints of bourbon and caramel with a soupçon of vanilla in the American Malt warm the body and soul in this creature comfort for chilly nights by the fire.

2. Lyre's Eggnog Cocktail

Is there a greater staple of the season than your favorite mug teeming with fresh eggnog? Spike your cocktail this year without the bite. Lyre’s American Malt is the gift that keeps on giving as the perfect complement to a Christmas classic.

3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

This twist on a classic cocktail should raise your spirits. A touch of pine and citrus brighten the Dry Martini to new heights. Sip on Christmas eve or imbibe while swaying to Auld Lang Syne.

4. Lyre's Festive Mimosa

Raise your glass to a fresh and complex non-alcoholic libation for all seasons. The elegant richness of juniper and orange blossom notes in Lyre’s Dry London Spirit rendezvous with the floral aplomb of the Apéritif Rosso. Their union with citrus and a kiss of vanilla is perfect to accompany trysts under the mistletoe.

5. Lyre’s Winter Spritz

Keep your yuletide lively with this seasonal Spritz. The bittersweet notes of Barolo orange and savoury almond from Lyre’s Italian Orange and Apéritif Rosso complement any table. The cinnamon spice makes everything nice.





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