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Lyre’s is incredibly challenging to craft!

First, we expertly deconstruct the elements that make time-honored classic flavours, then meticulously source the world's best all-natural essences, extracts and distillates from around the globe to recreate them. We have even developed our own proprietary non-alcoholic base.

We take great pride in the drinks that Lyre’s has created and our commitment to bring these classic flavours to people making mindful choices. We have led the development of this new non-alcoholic category, and give people social freedom by making the impossible, possible across the globe.

Lyre’s has a premium range of 18 distinct non-alcoholic spirit variants, 8 ready to drink mixed cocktails, including Classico, our non-alcoholic Italian Sparkling style.

Our entire range is impossibly crafted to pay homage to the flavors of the world’s most classic, time-tested flavours.

Availability may differ depending on your region, we are working hard to make all of our range available globally.

Our aim at Lyre’s is to pay ultimate respect to the flavors of the classics, and Lyre’s really comes to life when mixing, stirring or shaking. The recipes we feature are developed by our experienced, professional mixologists and showcase Lyre’s in the best proportions to deliver the closest possible match to a mixed original, meaning we suggest using different ratios to those using their boozy brothers to provide the perfect balance.

Given that our beverages are non-alcoholic, we recommend taking steps to reduce the dilution of the spirit in the drink you’re making. A few handy tips if you’re making cocktails: shake or stir only to chill, rather than dilute and where possible, pre-freeze your glass or use high-quality, slow melting, large and hard ice.

You can find inspiration and instructions in our Mixology Hub, our Recipe pages, by asking Alexa, or you can meet our virtual bartending social animals at our Impossible Bar

Great question!

You can find some delicious recipes from our talented mixology team at our Mixology Hub, on our Recipe pages, or by asking Alexa. You can also meet our virtual bartending social animals at our Impossible Bar or join the conversation on social media for more recipe ideas.

If you'd like any recommendations, or there's something you can't find, our friendly team are always on hand to help, just Contact Us and we'll get back to you in a jiffy.

Lyre's is classified as non-alcoholic, which means it has less than 0.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume). Our range has a small amount of naturally occurring alcohol formed through combining our exquisite range of natural flavours, essences and distillates. Believe it or not, there are similar amounts of alcohol in other foods and drinks you may not expect, like orange juice, Kombucha, bread, and ripe fruit.

The best storage practices for Lyre's depend on couple of things, like the climate where you live, your storage situation, and how often you enjoy a cocktail.

As a general rule, once opened, Lyre's range is best refrigerated and consumed within 12 weeks of opening.

Here are some handy tips that should help get the most out of your Lyre's Spirit:

  • Always reseal your bottle with original cap after opening
  • Do not leave your bottle open or replace the cap with a pourer
  • Be careful not to let anything else enter your Lyre's bottle while making cocktails, like a stray squirt of lime juice for example
  • Once open, Lyre's is best refrigerated for optimum freshness
  • We recommend enjoying your bevoir within 12 weeks of opening

To bring our sophisticated flavours to life, we use a range of natural sugars to match the mouthfeel and sweetness of the classic spirit style.

This means that while our products are not sugar free, the calorie/kilojoule levels are much lower than their boozy counterparts.

Generally speaking, our products contain between 0.5g to 6g sugar per serve, specific information can be found on our website. See our product pages for more information around the sugar and energy content in Lyre's.

Lyre’s has significantly less calories than the traditional alcoholic counterparts. Depending on the product, Lyre’s has up to 95% less calories than the equivalent cocktail containing alcohol. Making your drink a Lyre’s will reduce your caloric consumption compared to a full-alcohol cocktail.

Below is a table of comparisons:

*SOURCES - Lyre’s nutritional cards. Various brand and comparison websites such as www.calorieking.com

Our delightful Coffee Originale is made with organic coffee, so it does contain caffeine. The Coffee Originale has 28.6mg of caffeine per 100mL, that's equal to about 8.6mg per 30mL.

Our Premixed American Malt & Cola also has a very tiny amount of caffeine (0.00421mg per 250mL can)

The rest of our range is caffeine free.

Absolutely! The only animals here are our Social Animals you'll see on our labels.

Lyre's ingredients contain no animal products or products derived from animals.

The date on our bottle is a Best Before Date (BBD). Basically, a BBD means the product is optimal before the specified date. As long as your Lyre's has not been damaged, deteriorated, or perished it should still be safe to consume, although it’s possible the flavour profile could have slightly decreased over time.

Lyre's products are often stable well beyond the date printed on the product. For products past their BBD, we suggest checking for any particles in the liquid. If you can't see any particles then have a smell, and taste a small amount to make sure it tastes OK. Milk is a similar example - if it is past the BBD, a small taste and smell test can make it clear whether it's consumable - if it looks, smells, and tastes safe, you're good to go.

Once you have opened your Lyre's, we recommend storing in the fridge to protect the flavour profile and keep it fresher for longer.

All of the ingredients we use to meticulously craft Lyre’s are free from known allergens including nuts, shellfish, soy, sesame, gluten, dairy, fish and seafood.

We use all natural flavours throughout our range and recommend reading the individual product pages or refer to the bottle for more specific information in relation to each product.

If you have any questions about specific products please Contact Us, our team will be able to help you.

Yes, all of our products are gluten free. Go forth and imbibe as you please.

Most of our range have no artificial colours, with the exception of only a few of our variants which contain standard colours. These are Lyre's Absinthe, Lyre's Italian Orange, Lyre's Italian Spritz, Lyre's Amalfi Spritz, and Lyre's Pink London Spirit.

We have for many years now tried to include a natural colouring for these products in a shelf-stable way, but presently natural colours tend to fade too quickly. This is a very important consideration when we have a product with a long shelf life as the colours need to stay intact for the duration of their life. We thought long and hard about if we should include these colours in our drinks, or instead, leave them colour free. We decided that the most important thing was to give people a non-alcoholic version of a drink they know and love, including their tell-tale colour. Very importantly, the colours used in Lyre's are the exact same colours used by the traditional alcoholic spirits we are paying homage to. Interestingly, alcoholic beverages have far less regulation than non-alcoholic beverages so you often won't find these colours listed on their labels, but you will on their websites.

We're constantly on the lookout for innovations in beverage colourings that are naturally derived and as soon as we can include them in our range, we'll do so. Somewhat frustratingly, there are some natural food colourings that would work but are not yet permitted by the FDA. For example a natural blue food colouring derived from spirulina can be combined with a yellow derived from marigold petals to create our Absinthe green. We'll keep working on progress on this front and as soon as legislation changes to allow access to natural colours, or new natural colours become available we will include these in our delicious bevoirs.

Lyre’s is a product designed for the enjoyment of adult tastes. The product has been created for people of legal drinking age looking for a sophisticated non-alcohol alternative. While it may technically cause no harm, Lyre’s in no way endorses or encourages consumption of our product by anyone who is not of legal drinking age.

Yes, absolutely, you can use Lyre's for cooking!

We have seen Classico used in risottos, our Amaretti used in all sorts of desserts, and our Dark Cane Spirit or American Malt go fantastically in a Christmas Pudding and Caramel Sauce! You can find some great inspiration on our Recipes page

Get creative and don't forget to tag us on socials with your creation!


Yes, absolutely! We want you to have the tools to make your drink, your way.

Mix Lyres products with alcohol to make delicious low alcohol concoctions, perfect for when you want something not too boozy. Some popular recipes are Italian Spritz with Sparkling Wine for a delicious summary refreshment, you can swap in our Orange Sec for a less intense and low calorie margarita.

Try our Mixology Hub for no and low-alcohol cocktail inspiration

Of course, it's always best to consult with your doctor.

Lyre's is classified as non-alcoholic, which means it has less than 0.5% Alcohol by Volume (ABV). Our range has a small amount of naturally occurring alcohol formed through combining our exquisite range of natural flavours. The Lyre's range generally sits between 0.2 - 0.3% ABV. Believe it or not, there are similar amounts of alcohol in other foods and drinks you may not expect, like orange juice, Kombucha, bread, and ripe fruit.

Provided you, and your doctor, are comfortable with this and the all-natural flavours and sweeteners that make up our bevoirs, then you are fine to imbibe in the majority of our range.

The only other exception may be our Dry London Spirit and Premixed G&T as these contain quinine. The majority of the quinine in our London Spirits comes from cinchona bark, the natural quinine flavour, similar to that used in many varieties of tonic water. Some medical professionals may recommend avoiding quinine during pregnancy.

Our range contains no animal products, however, we are not Halal certified.

Our range contains no animal products, however, we are not certified Kosher.

All of Lyre’s glass bottles and aluminium cans are fully recyclable, as is our cardboard packaging.

Check with your local recycling centre for specifics in your area.

Our products are available in a range of establishments and online. Check our Store Locator and City Guides see where you can find Lyre's in the wild.

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